Dr. Arjun Dheer

Wildlife Scientist

Dr. Arjun Dheer
Dr. Arjun Dheer is a wildlife scientist with a PhD in Biology, a Master's in Wildlife Conservation, and a Bachelor's in Environmental Science and Policy. He specializes in the conservation, management, and research of large mammals, especially carnivores - ranging from American black bears to spotted hyenas to fishing cats. He has published over 15 peer-reviewed papers in the field of zoology and has served as a reviewer for 10 different scientific journals. He is also the Red List Authority Coordinator for the IUCN SSC Hyaena Specialist Group, is a National Geographic Explorer, and is a member of the International Association for Bear Research and Management. Originally from Maryland, USA, he has lived in 13 different countries and enjoys partaking in outdoor activities in his free time. He has always been fascinated by the competition and interactions between different animal species and joined the Sandbox team in 2023 as their expert Wildlife Biologist.

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