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Tasmanian Devil vs PossumSee Who Wins

Tasmanian Devil vs Possum - Animal Matchup

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a thrilling matchup here at the Animal Matchup Arena! Today, we have a battle between two formidable fighters, a Tasmanian Devil and a Possum. These two creatures may be small in size, but don't let that fool you. Their swift movements and cunning techniques make them fierce opponents. The tension in the air is palpable as we get ready to witness this extraordinary clash of natural abilities. Let's dive straight into the action!

Contender 1: Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial native to the island of Tasmania, Australia. They have a stocky build, black fur, and a distinctive white stripe on their chest. Tasmanian Devils are known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, which they use to crush and consume bones and cartilage. They are also known for their loud, aggressive vocalizations, which earned them their name.

Fun Fact: Tasmanian Devils are known for their unique way of communicating with each other, which involves a range of vocalizations including growls, screeches, and screams that can be heard up to a mile away.

Contender 2: Possum

The possum, often referred to as the opossum in North America, is a marsupial known for its adaptability to various environments. Possums have a rat-like appearance, with a pointed snout, naked tail, and rounded ears. They are usually gray or black and have white, fur-lined pouches where the females carry and nurse their young. Known for their nocturnal behavior, possums have a varied diet, feeding on insects, small animals, and various plants, including fruits and vegetables.

Fun Fact: Possums are known for their unique defense mechanism of "playing dead," or feigning death, when threatened, a behavior that can deter potential predators.

Matchup Stats

Tasmanian DevilPossum
Size20-31 inches (50-80 cm) in length15-20 inches (38-51 cm) not including tail
Weight9-26 pounds (4-12 kg)1.5-14 lbs (0.68-6.35 kg)
SpeedSpeed: 8 mph (12.87 km/hr)4.4mph (7km/h)
Key StrengthPowerful jaws and sharp teethAbility to feign death as a defense mechanism
Biggest WeaknessLimited enduranceLack of aggressive behavior
Fun Fact: Tasmanian Devils are the largest carnivorous marsupials in the world, with males weighing up to 26 pounds and females weighing up to 18 pounds. Despite their size, they are known for their agility and can run up to 15 miles per hour.
Fun Fact: Despite their unassuming appearance, possums have an impressive immunity to various forms of disease, including a high resistance to rabies, which is uncommon in many mammals.
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Tasmanian Devil vs Possum

See Who Wins

Our AI will simulate a 3 round match between the Tasmanian Devil and the Possum. It considers each Animal's size, strength, and natural predatory behaviors. As in nature, each match is unique, and the outcome can vary.

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Scientific Stats

Tasmanian DevilPossum
Scientific NameSarcophilus harrisiiDidelphis virginiana
HabitatForests, woodlands, and coastal heathsForests, farmlands, and suburban or urban areas
GeographyTasmania, AustraliaNorth America
DietCarnivorous, primarily scavengers but also hunt small preyOmnivorous, eating insects, small animals, and various plants, including fruits and vegetables
Lifespan5 years - 6 years2 years - 4 years

Key Differences between Tasmanian Devil and Possum

The Tasmanian Devil is larger, has black fur with white markings, a stocky build, small rounded ears, and a thick tail. They are aggressive and loud. Possums are smaller, have varied coloration, a slender build, large pointed ears, and a long prehensile tail. They are docile and can "play dead".
  1. Coloration: Tasmanian Devils have coarse black fur covering their bodies, with white markings on their chest and sometimes on their rear. Possums, on the other hand, have a varied coloration that can include shades of gray, brown, black, and even red or yellow.
  2. Physical features: Tasmanian Devils have a stocky build with a large head and strong jaws, complete with powerful teeth, while Possums have a more slender body and a smaller head with a pointy snout.
  3. Tail: Tasmanian Devils have a thick, robust tail that appears to be almost as long as their body. Possums, on the other hand, have a long, hairless prehensile tail that they can use to grasp and hang from branches.
  4. Behavior: Tasmanian Devils are known for their aggressive and ferocious behavior, often growling and screeching loudly. In contrast, Possums are generally more docile and are known for their ability to "play dead" when threatened, often curling up and remaining motionless.
  5. Ears: Tasmanian Devils have relatively small rounded ears, whereas Possums possess large, pointed ears that they can move independently to better locate sounds.
  6. Size: The Tasmanian Devil is generally larger than the Possum, with adults weighing between 6 and 12 kilograms, while Possums typically range between 500 grams to 4 kilograms.