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Japanese Macaque vs ChimpanzeeSee Who Wins

Japanese Macaque vs Chimpanzee - Animal Matchup

Welcome to this thrilling matchup between a Japanese Macaque and a Chimpanzee! These two primates are ready to show off their strength and skills as they face off in the arena.

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Contender 1: Japanese Macaque

The Japanese Macaque, also known as the Snow Monkey, is a medium-sized monkey species native to Japan. They have a stocky build, short tail, and a distinctive red face with a small, pink nose and expressive brown eyes. Their fur varies in color from grey to brown, and they have a thick coat to withstand the cold temperatures of their natural habitat. Known for their intelligence, they are highly social animals that live in large troops and have a complex hierarchy.

Fun Fact: Japanese Macaques are the northernmost-living non-human primates in the world, adapting to extremely cold temperatures and can survive in areas where the ground is covered by snow for several months of the year.

Contender 2: Chimpanzee

The Chimpanzee, a highly intelligent primate and our closest living relative, inhabits the forests and woodlands of central and West Africa. These social creatures possess a robust and muscular build, with an average height of about 3 to 5 feet and a weight ranging from 70 to 130 pounds. Famed for their dexterous hands and opposable thumbs, chimpanzees are remarkable tool users, employing sticks to collect termites and rocks to crack open nuts. They have a keen sense of hierarchy within their communities and communicate using a variety of vocalizations, gestures, and facial expressions.

Fun Fact: One fascinating fact about Chimpanzees is that they have been observed using tools not only for feeding purposes but also for social interaction, engaging in behaviors like leaf clipping, trunk dragging, or throwing rocks as forms of non-verbal communication.

Matchup Stats

Japanese MacaqueChimpanzee
Size20-24 inches (50-60 cm) tall3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 meters)
Weight24-66 pounds (11-30 kg)70 to 130 pounds (31 to 59 kilograms)
Speed20mph (32km/h)25mph (40km/h)
Key StrengthStrong jaws and teeth for bitingStrong arm and upper body muscles
Biggest WeaknessLacks physical aggressionVulnerable to attacks from the back
Fun Fact: Japanese Macaques are excellent swimmers and often take advantage of the natural hot springs or onsens in their habitat, which has become a natural attraction for tourists who visit Japan to observe these monkeys enjoying a warm dip during cold winter months.
Fun Fact: Chimpanzees exhibit an incredibly advanced level of self-awareness, as studies have demonstrated their ability to recognize their own reflections in mirrors, which is a cognitive skill shared only by a few select species, including humans, dolphins, and elephants.
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Japanese Macaque
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Japanese Macaque vs Chimpanzee

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Our AI will simulate a 3 round match between the Japanese Macaque and the Chimpanzee. It considers each Animal's size, strength, and natural predatory behaviors. As in nature, each match is unique, and the outcome can vary.

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Scientific Stats

Japanese MacaqueChimpanzee
Scientific NameMacaca fuscataPan troglodytes
HabitatForests, mountains, and hot springsForests and woodlands
GeographyJapanCentral and West Africa
DietOmnivorous - fruits, leaves, insects, and small animalsOmnivorous
Lifespan15 years - 25 years40 years - 60 years

Key Differences between Japanese Macaque and Chimpanzee

Japanese macaques are smaller with red faces and thick fur, short tails, and small round ears close to their head, while chimpanzees are larger with mostly black fur, no tail, larger prominent ears, and distinct facial features like a brow ridge and elongated nose.
  1. Ear shape: Japanese macaques have small, round ears that are close to their head, whereas chimpanzees have larger, more prominent ears that stick out from their head.
  2. Color: Japanese macaques have a red face and buttocks, while chimpanzees have a mostly black face and body with some lighter patches on their face, hands, and feet.
  3. Fur texture: Japanese macaques have long, thick fur that helps them survive in cold climates, while chimpanzees have shorter, coarser fur.
  4. Size: Japanese macaques are generally smaller than chimpanzees, with adult males weighing around 26-36 pounds compared to the 88-130 pound average weight of adult male chimpanzees.
  5. Facial features: Japanese macaques have a broad, flat face with relatively small eyes and a short, upturned nose, while chimpanzees have a more pronounced brow ridge, large eyes, and a longer, flatter nose.
  6. Tail: Japanese macaques have relatively short tails compared to their body size, while chimpanzees have no tail at all.